About Us

Berrangé Incorporated is an incorporated legal entity situated in Pietermaritzburg, serving KwaZulu-Natal and the whole of South Africa.

The actions of the firm are governed by the Legal Practice Council and all members of the firm uphold the high standard set by this institution.  The firm provides regular in-house training to all its staff, thereby keeping them appraised of changes to the law and the system, and ensuring that the firm adds value to the services it provides.  The firm is able to offer a “one stop service” to clients requiring expertise in the field of law specialising in corporate recovery, turnarounds and liquidations with its licenced senior business rescue practitioners, liquidators, corporate recovery litigation, in-house accountants and a specialist conveyancer.  All the firm’s liquidators and business rescue practitioners are members of SARIPA.  

Equity & Empowerment

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Berrangé Incorporated is an empowerment firm.  The firm is a level 4 contributor with a 100% procurement recognition level in terms of the Broad-based Black Economic Empowerment Act 53 of 2003.

The firm is committed to developing equity and equality.  All staff are professionally trained at the highest level and it is the firm’s mission to procure and retain staff of the highest caliber.


The Company operates from its premises at Townbush Office Park, Montrose, Pietermaritzburg. The offices are conveniently situated within close proximity to the Deeds Registry, the Surveyor General’s Office, the High Court, the Magistrate’s Court, the Master of the High Court and the Sheriffs of both the High and the Magistrates’ Courts.

Information Technology

The Company is technologically advanced and keeps abreast of changes. All staff are trained in the use of their specific application software, and IT training is ongoing.

The Company is linked to the national Deeds Registry computer system through SearchWorks, which enables electronic searches of all Deeds Registries in South Africa.  Matters are tracked through the registration process by way of the Deeds Office Tracking System (DoTS).  The SearchWorks facility also enables immediate CIPC, ITC and Experian searches to be performed.


Quick Contact

Please feel free to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.

Tel: 033 – 345 5331
Email: attorney@b-inc.co.za

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