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The Conveyancing team at Berrange Inc is headed up by a Director, Carin Browning, who is ably assisted by 4 highly trained, qualified and experienced paralegals (Theresa Craig, Monique Pieterse, Vashi Haniff anf Gaylene Hoskins).

Having begun her Conveyancing career as a Conveyancer in 2000, Carin has a vast amount of knowledge of all property related matters, and this, coupled with her hands-on conveyancing experience, makes her an expert in her field.

Carin runs a small but technologically advanced conveyancing practice, and is therefore ideally geared to provide her clients with the highest level of professionalism, whilst ensuring each matter receives her personalized attention.

She, together with her excellent team, will go the extra mile to ensure clients the most efficient and cost effective service.

The Conveyancing department is divided into two branches, namely Local Conveyancing and Agency/Correspondent Conveyancing, both of which have been dedicated to providing the best service and delivery to ensure that each step of the Conveyancing process is given the attention it requires.

The Agency/Correspondent Conveyancing department services attorneys and conveyancers based outside of Pietermaritzburg and attend to all the necessary steps to effect registration on their behalf.

The Local Conveyancing department focuses on providing services to property developers, private individuals, estate agents, banks, liquidators, trustees and executors of estates.

The Conveyancing departments offer the following specialised services:

  • Transfer of properties
  • Advice on and drafting of sale agreements, leases etc
  • Advice on and attending to deceased estate property transactions
  • Opening of new sectional titles schemes
  • Subdivision of Properties
  • Consolidation of properties
  • Opening of township registers
  • Registration of Bonds, including Mortgage Bonds, Surety Bonds and Collateral Bonds

Our Notary Public can also assist in drafting and registering:

  • Marriage contracts
  • Notarial deeds
  • Notarial bonds
  • Notarial Servitudes


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